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Vicksburg 2003 was a Success!
We at the 4th US would very much like to thank all the reenactors who attended the "Siege of Vicksburg".
You deserve the credit for making the event at Danbury  a complete success!    The public in attendance was overwhelmed by the size of the battlefield, the railroad and site props, the artillery duel on the field, the effective use of pyrotechnics, the horse cavalry in action, the infantry and civilians in action and the spontaneous first person portrayals that developed as the battles progressed.
The highest compliments have been given by the spectators who felt an emotional reaction to viewing the spectacle.  Heart wrenching feelings were also reported in reaction to the first person portrayals of fear
and pain.
Again, my personal compliments to all the participants
who had the time of their lives
doing what they love to  do best
and who have received
the reaction they always dreamed of.
Thank You
Major Ken Martens
4thU.S. Civil War Association
              The 4th US Civil War Association
                      would like to thank the
            Burnett County Historical Society and 
         for their contribution and participation in the
                St.Croix Civil War Weekends of  

        "2001 Petersburg and the Battle of the Crater" 

"2002 Weldon Railroad and Shermans March to the Sea"

          "2003 Grierson's Raid and Siege of Vicksburg." 

                             From the 4th US
and all the reenactors who participated in these events, 
                                 Thank You!
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