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We are a Stillwater Minnesota Area reenacting organization that specializes in recreating, in graphic detail, the medical and surgical procedures performed on the battlefield and in the field hospitals.
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"The 4th US CWA  is a unique organization of talented Civil War reenactors."   
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The 4th US Medical
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"A Fascinating combination of
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                    The 4th US Medical
The talented members of the 4th US Medical are able to graphically simulate, using moulage and theatrical battle blood, just about any life saving procedure that was performed on the blood stained battlefield or in the field hospitals.  Yes, you can expect to see a lot of blood and some gore.  Our spectators may even come in contact with an arterial spurt on occasion.  Don't be surprised if one out of a hundred spectators becomes ill or faints.  This is not our goal, but an indication that we have done our work properly.
Educators and Organizations who are interested in our Civil War Presentation may contact us at the "information" link above.  Our presentations are "HISTORICALY ACCURATE" and not necesarily "politically correct".  Our presentations meet grad standards for American History.
Civil War Medicine
            The Presentation
Our presentation includes vivid descriptions of the destruction to human bone and tissue caused by the wide variety of projectiles used in the Civil War.  We also have for show a large collection of these projectiles, ranging from small caliber all the way up to 20 pound artillery shells.  One of our specialties, using a model skull, is a description of "survivable head wounds."
We carry an extensive pharmacy well supplied with anesthetics, pain medications and treatments for communicable and chronic illness.  The treatment of disease is an important portion of our presentation as most Civil War deaths were caused by disease.  Also, we include the facts regarding the unsanitary conditions and lack of medical knowledge that resulted in so many deaths.
Part of the presentation includes the staff and duties required to run a hospital.  This is important due to the new role of women in nursing, which had been traditionally a male role. 
A typical presentation would include a tour of the hospital, a description of what we do and a, real time, surgery that will run from 7 to 15 minutes.  Medical procedures include bullet extractions, limb amputations, blunt force trauma, trephine procedures, burn and laceration wounds.
We pride ourselves in our ability to provide the best Civil War presentation to be found anywhere.
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